RAK Water and Ration Heaters

Our RAK products are state-of-the-art water/ration heaters for modern mechanised forces around the world. They consist of:
RAK 15, which operates off 15 amps and is designed for installation in tanks and trucks
RAK 30 which draws 30 amps to heat faster and is designed for the Marines and Special Forces

RAK15/30 units are designed to withstand the rigours of modern conflict and have been comprehensively tested to meet military standard specification MIL-PRF-44466D, including MIL-STD-461: Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment and MIL-STD-810: Environmental Test Methods and Engineering Guidelines. The RAK15 is also certified for food heating, meeting NSF ANSI 4-2013.

"An army marches on its stomach"
The RAK15/30 is at the optimal size to fit into the cramped quarters of a tank and provide hot meals and drinks for its five person crew, heating 2 pints of water and 5 MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) simultaneously. When used for water only, the RAK15/30 can heat up to one gallon of potable water for drinks, washing or medical purposes. Depending on the power rating, the RAK unit does this in just 20 minutes under normal ambient conditions- it does of course work in extreme climates too, but may take longer to heat the contents if the prevailing temperature is bitterly cold. When switched off with the cover closed and locked, the thermally insulated unit keeps its contents piping hot for between four and six hours.

The RAK15/30 connects with standard military connectors to the auxiliary power supply of 24 volts DC in armoured and soft-skinned vehicles. The RAK15 has a low power uptake and only pulls 15 amps of power. With a built-in intelligent sensor, the unit automatically switches off if the battery power is getting low and drops to 22 volts; there is a similar over-voltage protection feature in the event of a sudden power surge to over 39 volts.

The outside of the RAK15/30 unit remains cool-to-touch to ensure safe transit should the product be mounted on the back door of a vehicle, or be located in an exposed position. The cool-to-touch feature also gives the unit a very low thermal signature, which is critically important for maintaining discretion during military operations.

Constructed from a robust stainless steel outer casing, the unit is sealed to be water-tight, so that any steam is retained within its interior. It has both low and high temperature settings and has its own built-in control, so that a separate control unit is no longer necessary. The choice of heating ranges is either 66 to 71°C (on LO setting), or 82 to 88°C (on HI setting).

The RAK's quality and reliability are renowned, since of more than 20,000 units supplied to date, less than 0.05% of them have been returned under warranty.

Key features
• Heats 2 pints water and 5MREs in the vehicle while on the move
• Contents remains hot for up to 6 hours after the unit has been switched off
• " Cool to touch" outer casing
• Designed-in " Boil Dry" condition and fail safe mechanisms
• Connects to vehicles auxiliary power supply, 24 volts DC
• Heating range 66 to 71°C (on LO setting)
• Heating range 82 to 88°C (on HI setting)
• Ramp rate of 56°C in one hour (max) from ambient temperature of 21°C

Please note that only the RAK 15 is NSF certified click here to see certified products

Ordering Information

Model Description
RAK15/ 2 Water and Ration Heater, 15amps
RAK15/ 4 Water and Ration Heater, 15amps (Boiling)
RAK15/ 5 Water and Ration Heater, 15amps, 18V Low Voltage
RAK30 Water and Ration Heater, 30amps, 28V, 800W

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