MC810B Digital Temperature Controller
MC810B Digital Controller on a stand
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MC810B Digital Heating Controller

The MC810B Digital Heating Controller provides a convenient means of temperature control, utilising a digital display and microprocessors to provide easy operation and accurate readings.

It can be used in 3 ways:
• In On/Off mode with the hysteresis loop controlling power switching
• As a PID (Proportional, Integrated, Derivative) controller
• As a temperature measuring device up to 800°C, depending upon the probe accessory used.

The MC810B Digital Heating Controller may be used in conjunction with a suitable heating or cooling device, e.g. Electromantle or Electric Bunsen. For clear operation, the MC810B Digital Heating Controller has an On/Off power switch, "Power On" amber neon indicator and an Exit/Standby button.

Programming is done via the Up/Down controls on the front panel and the 3 digit LED display allows you to set a 1°C resolution over a range of -10°C to 800°C. Temperature sensing is performed by a plug-in PTFE covered platinum resistance thermometer probe which is suitable for measurements up to 250°C. There is a 5 pin DIN socket for the temperature probe. The sample temperature is displayed on the 3-digit LED display.

The MC810B Digital Heating Controller has a zinc die-cast outer case and is suitable for bench and retort stand mounting or wall mounting, using the wall bracket and retort rod clamps provided. It has a short mains output lead with an IEC socket to connect it to the resistive load. An accessory mains lead is available where remote operation is required, e.g. in a fume extraction unit.

Key Features
• PTFE-covered platinum resistance thermometer is included for measurements up to 250°C
• Zinc die-cast outer case is suitable for the bench or can be mounted on a 12.7cm support rod
• Programming is done by up/down controls
• Three-digit LED display allows you to set a 1°C resolution over a range of -10°C to 800°C
• A hysteresis range can be set to govern the range of temperature variation in the medium being controlled

Technical Specification

Electrical requirements: 230V 230V, 50 60 Hz, 1500W
Electrical requirements: 115V 115V, 50 60 Hz, 750W
Controller power consumption 2W
Dimensions, ( d x w x h), mm 100 x 120 x 80
Weight, kg 1.1

Ordering Information

Model Description Electrical Requirements
MC810B Digital Heating Controller 230V, 50 60Hz, 1500W
MC810BX1 Digital Heating Controller 115V, 50 60Hz, 750W

Accessories Ordering Information

Model Description Material
AZ6705 Temperature probe, 250°C Max Stainless steel with PTFE Sleeving
AZ9046 Temperature probe, 250°C Max Uncoated stainless steel
AZ6706 Temperature probe, 400°C Max Uncoated stainless steel
AZ6741 Temperature probe, 800°C Max Stainless steel with porcelain sheath

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