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HT9 Glass Fibre Heating Tapes

HT9 Earthed Glass Fibre Tapes are flexible heaters that are ideal for heating columns, pipes, valves and transfer lines, especially when these applications need to be observed. They can be applied to metal pipes as well as glassware.

The HT9 Series Glass Fibre Tapes have an element wound on a glass fibre core and covered in a braided glass fibre outer sheath; the HT9 series additionally has a braided earth (ground) wire beneath the outer sheath.

They are available in different lengths to accommodate a broad range of temperatures up to 450°C. The use of an energy or temperature controller is recommended. (Controllers require hard wiring to the Heating Tape - see downloads for instructions).

Key Features
• For high wattage applications
• has a braided earth wire beneath the outer sheath
• Operational temperature range up to 450°C
• Cord is spiralled around the tube being heated to give a surface loading power concentration up to 0.62W/cm²
• Linear Loading: 164W/m (50W/ft)
• Available in different lengths from 2 feet (61cm) to 32 feet (976cm)
• Insulated unheated flexible lead at each end (9cm)
• Approximate width of 25mm
• All models have a voltage choice of 230V or 115V (except for HT95524 and HT95532 models which are available as 230V only)
• For use in dry conditions only
• Use of MC227 1-Way Controller, MC228X1 1-Way Controller or MC810B digital controller is recommended

Ordering Information

Model Length (cm) Volts Watts
HT95502 61 230 100
HT95502X1 61 115 100
HT95503 91 230 150
HT95503X1 91 115 150
HT95504 122 230 200
HT95504X1 122 115 200
HT95506 183 230 300
HT95506X1 183 115 300
HT95508 244 230 400
HT95508X1 244 115 400
HT95512 366 230 600
HT95512X1 366 115 600
HT95516 488 230 800
HT95516X1 488 115 800
HT95524 732 230 1200
HT95532 976 230 1600

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