New Chiller Crockpot at Modern Day Marine 2012 Expo

Electrothermal will be exhibiting at Modern Day Marine 2012 Expo which runs from the 25th to 27th September in Quantico, Virginia, US. Quantico is the site of one of the largest US Marine Corps bases, MCB Quantico, and is the natural host for Modern Day Marine 2012, making it the premier exposition for military equipment, systems, services and technology in the US.

Electrothermal will be launching our brand new Chiller Crockpot at the Expo, a product that like our RAK15 and RAK30 Water and Ration Heaters can provide a hot meal and drink, and hot potable water for sterilsation within the cramped confines of armoured vehicles, patrol boats and helicopters, but additionally has the ability to provide cool water from the same unit. It can chill 3 litres of water from 50°C down to 15-20°C within minutes.

We are extremely proud of our new Chiller Crockpot as it is the world's first combined heater/cooler unit designed to withstand combat conditions. It is currently undergoing extensive testing to ensure its compliance with military standard specification MIL-PRF-44466D, including MIL-STD-461: Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment and MIL-STD-810: Environmental Test Methods and Engineering Guidelines.

Come and see us at Stand 3048 to try out this great new product!

New Chiller Crockpot