Just released: New Integrity Reaction Stations Brochure

In anticipation of our forthcoming STEM Integrity 6 Reaction Station launch later this year, we have revised our Integrity brochure to include this new product.

Integrity reaction stations are reliable heating/cooling/stirring workhorses for 6 to 10 reactions, and are designed to run all day, everyday, capturing all your results and plotting them out automatically for you; they replace hotplate stirrers, but offer so much more in performance.

To show how you could afford to upgrade from hotplate stirrers and have this superior level of service in your labs, we have included some information on running costs. You will be surprised to see how economical Integrity Reaction Stations are in longterm 24/7 operation, accruing savings of thousands of pounds each year.

We have also highlighted how they support modern ways of working, such as Green Lab and Lean Lab, demonstrating what an excellent alternative they are to traditional hotplate stirrers.

Please click here to download the new Integrity series brochure

Alternatively, you may email us for printed copies or to request a free, no obligation trial of an Integrity Reaction Station in your own lab.
New Integrity brochure