Electrothermal's Reaction Stations help cut energy costs by up to 90%

Compared with the routine use of hotplate stirrers or heating mantles , Electrothermal's STEM RS, STEM Omni and STEM Integrity Reaction Stations can reduce energy costs by as much as 90%, potentially saving thousands of pounds each year. Equipped for parallel synthesis, these "lab-in-a-box" alternatives to traditional heating, cooling and stirring systems consume as little as 300W, making them energy-efficient and inexpensive to run. In comparison, hotplate stirrers generally consume between 550W and 950W.

Choice of 3 series of Reaction Stations
The STEM RS, STEM Omni and STEM Integrity ranges increase laboratory throughput by providing precise control of heating, cooling and stirring, from minus 30°C to 300°C. They can accommodate between 6 and 50 vessels simultaneously and will run unsupervised, freeing laboratory personnel for other tasks, thereby supporting laboratory flexibility and efficiency, as well as saving time and money.

Peter Day, General Manager for Electrothermal said, "Our reaction stations are extremely energy-efficient, consuming as little as 300W compared with hotplate stirrers which can use three times as much electricity to run just one reaction. All models offer excellent performance and the opportunity to reduce running costs means that they can pay for themselves within 1-3 years. Not only do they save valuable time, increase productivity and improve workflow management, their energy-efficiency credentials mean we are creating a greener laboratory environment by running equipment more effectively and saving energy".

13 Reaction Stations to meet your needs
With a total of 13 reaction stations in the range, the STEM RS and STEM Omni products are equipped for the parallel synthesis that is used to speed up the discovery of new compounds and screen for optimal process conditions. Additionally, the STEM Integrity range can be incorporated into robotic platforms so is more widely used for process control studies.

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