Just released: New Omni and RS Reaction Station brochure

Despite a large print run, we were coming to the end of our stock and decided to take the opportunity to overhaul and re-vamp our Omni and RS reaction station brochure.

2nd Edition STEM Omni and RS Series Brochure
Our new STEM Omni and RS Series brochure covers the full range of Heater/Stirrer Reaction Stations, and also now includes our RS9000 Heater/Shaker.... sometimes referred to as our "James Bond 007" Model as it's shaken, not stirred!

In line with customer requests, we've also made the modular Omni Reaction Station design clearer, and outlined exactly what each Omni kit consists of for the different models and voltage variants.

Please click here to download the new brochure
To emphasise how cost-effective reaction stations are, a running costs comparison table is included in the brochure. It shows how quickly you get a financial return on your investment, i.e. from 1 to 2 years, dependent upon the power consumption of each model. From this point onwards, not only do you retain the benefits of the Omni and RS Reaction Stations- both offering far superior performance over hotplate stirrers- you are additionally saving thousands of pounds each year.

Printed copies of the new Omni and RS Reaction Stations brochure are also available. If you would like one (or several) of these brochures, please email us with your name and address and we will delighted to send them to you.
New brochure
Science, James Bond-style