Results of our 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey

As part of our ongoing ISO 9001 certification, we have recently completed our 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey, asking 119 of our key customers what their experience has been in dealing with us. For consistency and to map trends of how we're doing each year, we have asked exactly the same questions for the past 5 years, namely:

• How would you describe the initial impression made by Electrothermal?
• How was your request for information, quotes etc. dealt with?
• How were our deliveries?
• What was your impression of our Customer Service Team?
• How was our response to any problems you encountered (if applicable)?
• How did you find the fitness of product for its intended application?

We've actually had a very high return rate of 45% on our survey, with 54 questionnaires being returned. Perhaps we're biased, but we interpret this as demonstrating the close working relationships we have with our customers, some of whom we've been working with for decades.

Our overall results were that 92% of our customers rate our service and products as "good", "very good" or "excellent", 6.5% rate us as "fair" and only 1.4% rate us as "poor". Of course, we're always concerned when we disappoint any of our customers and we're currently tackling the reasons behind a "poor" rating, even though it represents just over 1% of our customers' experience.

However, with 98.6% of our customer rating us at least "fair", and 92% as "good to excellent", we feel it shows that we're continuing to meet the needs of our customers.

And if you're not currently a customer, we hope that this data will encourage you to get on board with us!

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