Free cooling plug worth £890 with STEM Omni Reaction Stations

From 1 July until 30 September 2012, Electrothermal is offering a free Cooling Plug, worth £890, to anyone purchasing a STEM Omni Reaction Station through Lab Offers. STEM Omni Reaction Stations offer a convenient, energy-efficient "lab-in-a-box" alternative to the more traditional means of heating, cooling and stirring reactions.

They operate across a wide temperature range from ambient to 220°C, which can be further extended to -30°C using the Cooling Plug. This expands the types of chemistry performed while removing the need for messy ice baths.

Details of how to get a free Cooling Plug are available at Lab Offers

Equipped for parallel synthesis- widely used to speed the discovery of new compounds and screen for optimal process conditions- STEM Omni Reaction Stations offer a choice of 6 or 10 simultaneous reaction positions and the use of working sample volumes from 2 ml to 250ml. Compared with hotplate stirrers they can reduce running costs by as much as 90%, saving thousands of pounds each year.

Peter Day, General Manager, Electrothermal said, "Our range of STEM Omni Reaction Stations is among the best on the market. The models offer precise control, excellent performance and flexibility, resulting in time and cost savings and improved efficiency. Offering the ability to conduct back to back studies, they are superb instruments for speeding up the discovery and development process in the lab."

All STEM Omni Reaction Stations from Electrothermal are included in the promotion. The OS6050, OS6100, OS6250 and the OS1025 models are compact and can be placed in any fume hood or small bench space in the laboratory. Using the simple menus and touch pad interface to control the system performance, temperature and stirring rates can be set to run indefinitely, allowing greater flexibility in the workplace.

The STEM Omni Reaction Stations use the same base controller on all four models regardless of the heating blocks, glassware and reflux heads used, making them completely interchangeable. They can also accommodate sample volumes from 2 ml to 250 ml. Stirring stability and speeds range from 100 to 2000 rpm and heater cartridges are equipped with "in block heaters" that deliver temperatures up to 220°C. The outer casing of the unit is cool to the touch making it safe to handle regardless of temperature.

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