New highly sensitive IR/NIR probe for Integrity 10

Reaction stations may be regarded as the 21st Century's answer to energy-guzzling hotplate stirrers because they are:

• Super energy efficient
• Incredibly cheap to run
• Time-efficient, speeding up lab throughput
• Environmentally conscious
• Compact and slimline
• A "lean lab" dream
• Highly accurate and controllable
• Safe to run unattended
• Reliable 24-hour workhorses
• Tools that support a better work-life balance

Reaction stations offer a succinct heating/cooling/stirring solution to over-crowded laboratories, and coupled with the right accessories, may be regarded as a "lab-in-a-box". Hence, Electrothermal are currently developing a whole raft of accessories to make our reaction stations even more useful to laboratory scientists of all disciplines.

ATS 10395
To kick-start this development initiative, we are very pleased to introduce ATS 10395, a new highly sensitive infrared and near infrared (IR/NIR) probe for the STEM Integrity 10 Reaction Station

See the new ATS 10395 IR/NIR probe specification

The ATS 10395 IR/NIR probe is up to 10 times more sensitive than the ATS 10230 immersible IR probe and is ideal for measuring turbidity within solutions that are highly viscous or contain large crystals.

However, ATS 10230 (and its Hastelloy version ATS 10230H), remains the probe of choice for small volumes as this is the world's smallest fibre optic dipping probe.
Application note for the new ATS 10395 IR/NIR probe

ATS 10395 has beeen specially customised for Integrity by Hellma Analytics, and is available exclusively from Electrothermal.

Please click here to visit the Hellma Analytics website

Look out for 2 new Integrity probes- a UV probe and a Raman probe- coming out in the very near future....
IR/NIR probe