Free glassware with all Omni Reaction Stations!

We are currently offering free reaction vessel glassware (worth up to £700) with all 4 of our Omni Reaction Stations:
• OS6050 6 position x 10- 50ml vessels
• OS6100 6 position x 50- 100ml vessels
• OS6250 6 position x 100- 250ml vessels
• OS1025 10 position x 2- 25ml vessels

What on earth is an Omni?
Omni Reaction Stations are superb tools for speeding up your chemistry and conducting back-to-back studies. They can also be regarded as hotplate stirrer replacements, being super energy efficient and able to run up to 10 reactions, whilst using approximately the same amount of energy as just one hotplate stirrer.

Save 90% of your running costs
This not only gives a much lower carbon footprint for your laboratory, but also up to 90% savings on running costs. You may not realise it, but when on continuous operation over the working week for 2 years:

10 hotplate stirrers with typical energy consumptions of 550W and 950W apiece, can run up electricity bills of between £9600 and £16,800 respectively.

This compares with just £840 for an OS1025 and £1080 for the OS6000 series.

These figures are based upon the UK Government's average energy cost of 14.5p per kW/h published on the directgov website.

This means that Omni Reaction Stations have paid for themselves within 1 to 2 years, and from then on, deliver substantial cost savings year on year.

Set yourself free from the lab!
On top of these savings, Omni Reaction Stations also give you peace of mind as you can leave them running overnight, over the weekend, or even whilst on holiday, confident that they will maintain the same temperature and stirring rate indefinitely. So, they set you free from the lab and potentially give you a better work-life balance.

Omni offers superb performance
Not only do Omni Reaction Stations give you tremendous cost and time savings, they also offer these fantastic features:

• Run 6 or 10 experiments at the same temperature and stir rate
• Temperature range of -30°C to 220°C
• Good thermal stability across the heating block ±1.5°C
• Increase accuracy to ±0.5°C using a temperature probe
• Cool without a messy ice bath- Omni uses a neat cooling plug and chiller instead
• Safe to pick up even at 220°C
• Magnetic stirring speeds of 100- 2000 rpm
• Interchangeable modular design: same base controller with different heating mantles
• Choice of reaction vessel sizes: 2- 25ml; 5- 50ml: 50- 100ml; 100- 250ml
• Work under inert gas or vacuum conditions using PTFE caps
• Accessories for refluxing, phase separation, filtration and rotary evaporation
• Use your own accessory glassware as we have standard fittings on our reaction vessels

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