Electrothermal's RAK Water and Ration Heaters Showcased at DSEI 2017

Cole-Parmer, a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, saw its VMV Water and Ration Heaters (RAK15/30), an Electrothermal product crucial for both safety and morale of military troops, displayed in many vehicles at the DSEI exhibition earlier this month. DSEI, which took place on the 12th-15th September at ExCeLexhibition centre in London, UK, is the world-leading event for defence and security equipment and systems.

Electrothermal's ration heater has been fitted to every British Army tank made since the Second World War, and thus featured heavily at the DSEI event. The boiling vessel is an indispensable piece of kit that improves quality of life and safety for militaries worldwide. It is well known amongst the forces as the "B.V Morale Booster", and has proved highly beneficial in recent military operations, with 20,000+ combat-tested units in the field globally.

With its compact footprint, the RAK15/30 units fit easily into the cramped quarters of a tank, providing the crew with hot meals and drinks on the move, while also removing the vulnerability of stopping. The RAK15/30 can heat up to one gallon of potable water for drinks, washing or medical purposes, or two pints of water and five MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) simultaneously, in just 20 minutes under normal ambient conditions. In addition, the unit has a cool-to-touch feature to ensure safe transit with the benefit of a very low thermal signature for discretion during military operations.

"We were delighted by the great interest in our RAK15/30 Water and Ration Heaters at DSEI," said Antony Wozniak, Electrothermal Product Manager at Cole-Parmer. "We have continually enhanced our 'morale booster' over the decades to support military personnel worldwide who rely on this vital equipment, day after day."

The RAK is a timeless piece of equipment and recently featured on the BBC documentary 'Inside the Factory', demonstrated by the curator of Bovington Tank Museum, David Willey, who spoke at DSEI about the history of tanks.

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