Electrothermal launches re-engineered Multi-IR accessory for turbidity measurements using the Integrity 10 Reaction Station

Cole-Parmer Ltd, a leading UK manufacturer of laboratory equipment, announced today that Electrothermal has launched the re-engineered Multi-IR box accessory for the Integrity 10 Reaction Station. The Multi-IR box accessory, originally developed in conjunction with Pfizer and the Illinois Institute of Technology, enables scientists across a broad range of global industries and laboratories to measure turbidity in-situ during experiments.

The Multi-IR box accessory, which supports a novel turbidity-measuring feature of the Integrity 10, improves solubility studies across a range of industries, most notably the pharmaceutical industry. The Multi-IR box when combined with the Integrity 10 can measure and record the turbidity of unattended chemical reactions 24 hours a day. The Integrity 10 allows multiple users to run experiments simultaneously, vastly increasing the productivity of any lab.

"We are focused on providing our customers with cost effective solutions. By re-engineering the Multi-IR box accessory, we have significantly reduced the cost of the unit," said Antony Wozniak, Electrothermal Product Manager. "We are pleased that our customers will now get even better value for money and believe this will enable more chemists to run highly accurate turbidity studies."

The Integrity 10 Reaction Station is currently being used by many world-leading pharmaceutical companies, and it has already been proven to be the product of choice in drug solubility and crystallisation trials. However, the Integrity 10 is not restricted to the pharmaceutical industry, having widespread applications across a broad range of industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics, and chemicals. For more information please click here