Electrothermal presents the Integrity 10 Reaction Station for running 10 independent reactions simultaneously

Electrothermal, a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, announced today that it will be exhibiting the Integrity 10 Reaction Station at the 252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition (Cole-Parmer stand 733) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from August 21-23rd.

The Integrity 10 Reaction Station allows simultaneous screening and optimisation of ten different reactions across individually controlled cells, supporting Lean Lab working and vastly improving fundamental process understanding in a range of chemistry and pharmaceutical applications. The parallel reaction station is ideal for use with bench top automation tools and on robotic platforms, such as the Amigo Workstation, for rapidly building information-rich data sets with minimal user intervention while maintaining efficient use of resources. It is ideal for efficient and effective data capture and data analysis.

The reaction station is designed to enable precise and independent temperature and stirring control for each individual reaction, for samples ranging from 1 to 25 mL and temperatures ranging from -30 °C to 150 °C. It is suitable for numerous investigative chemistry research applications, such as screening, quality testing, production monitoring, solubility and protein crystallisation, and has widespread application across many other industries including the food, beverage, brewing, petrochemical, cosmetic, diesel and biofuel industries.

"Our Integrity 10 Reaction Station is an excellent screening tool that can be used in most laboratories," said Steve Marriott, Technical Director responsible for the Electrothermal range. "Not only does it save valuable time and materials, but it also generates higher quality scientific data."

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