The new Electrothermal catalogue is out

A new catalogue is not normally launched to a fanfare, but this is a little different in that it is the first ever Electrothermal catalogue in our 70 year history.

You may be familiar already with our famous Electromantle heating mantles that revolutionised heating of round bottom flasks all those years ago, but you may not know that we also make a full range of heating, cooling and stirring equipment.

A full range of heating, cooling and stirring equipment
As well as over 50 varieties of Electromantles, DigiMantles and Multi (Extraction) Mantles, we have some speciality items such as Kjeldahl equipment for protein analysis in food, heating cords and tapes for the process industry and a range of equipment aimed at histology and pathology laboratories.

We also have a full range of controllers for laboratory equipment, stirrers, Melting Point Apparatus, three ranges of reaction stations- Omni, RS and Integrity- as well as our famous Electric Bunsen, the modern version of the old-style Bunsen Burner.

New products feature in our catalogue
We are an innovative company, constantly improving our existing product range and have recently launched 3 new products. Details of these new products and all the existing product range are included in the catalogue:

• STEM Integrity 6 Reaction Station which is a state-of-the-art product with superb accuracy and independent heating and stirring control at each of its 6 reaction cell positions

• Mel-Temp Melting Point Apparatus- a much-loved product in the US which has been completely rejuvenated and launched worldwide

• IA9000 series Melting Point Apparatus which although it looks very similar to the old model from the outside, has been completely upgraded inside.

Demand for this catalogue is bound to be high, so to reserve your copy or request more copies, please make sure you email us sooner rather than later.

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Electrothermal catalogue