New higher specifications for Melting Point Apparatus

Electrothermal's IA9000 series Melting Point Apparatus and budget-priced digital Mel-Temp® offer upgraded performance, excellent ergonomics and a compact design.

The comprehensively updated and improved IA9000 series Digital Melting Point Apparatus has a redesigned membrane keypad, new PCB and 32-bit processor, intuitive menus and a Class A PT100 platinum temperature sensor for much tighter tolerance and more accurate measurement. Temperature resolution is within 0.1°C. Further enhancements include a new calibration key and more convenient calibration procedure, improved temperature stability of the oven and daylight-balanced LEDs for better sample illumination.

The extension arm is height-adjustable and the viewing head with 8X magnification may be rotated to ensure comfortable simultaneous viewing of samples in three capillary tubes.

In addition, the IA9200 and IA9300 models offer a choice of ramp rates, date and time facility, PC and printer output, a new USB port and a batch memory capacity of 500 or 1,000 melts - a feature specifically aimed at the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

A best-seller in the USA for many years, the Mel-Temp® is now available worldwide and includes a brand new digital microprocessor with temperature resolution of ±1°C. With fast warm-up and accurate temperature control, the Mel-Temp® provides a quick and easy way to measure the melting points of samples at a budget price. Benefitting from the same ergonomic design as the IA9000 Series instruments, the Mel-Temp® is well suited to multiple users and the extension arm folds flat for space-efficient storage.

Peter Day, General Manager, Electrothermal, commented, "Our Melting Point Apparatus has been a best-selling line for decades as it offers excellent performance at a fair price. Our Mel-Temp® is exceptionally good value for money, and its ergonomic design and hardwearing characteristics make it an ideal purchase for schools."

Each Electrothermal Melting Point Apparatus comes complete with a complimentary pack of 50 capillary tubes, its own power supply, power cable and a one-year parts and labour warranty.

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