Bibby Scientific's Integrity 10 Reaction Station accelerates drug development

Analytical scientists at the University of Lincoln's School of Pharmacy are accelerating their drug development research thanks to Bibby Scientific's Integrity 10 Reaction Station, which enables different reactions to be performed simultaneously with varied process conditions. Bibby's Reaction Stations are designed for screening and optimising ten different reactions in parallel across individually controlled units for applications including solubility and protein crystallisation.

The Integrity 10 Reaction Station offers precise control of temperature and stirring speed for each individual reaction, for sample volumes ranging from 1 - 25 mL and temperatures ranging from -30°C to 150°C. It is easily operated with a colour touchscreen and has accessories including multi-infrared probes, and attachments for refluxing and working under inert conditions.

"The Integrity 10 is perfect for my research because I'm trying to crystallise problematic compounds, so I need to change a lot of parameters for each experiment," said Paul Stainton, PhD student at the University of Lincoln. "The Reaction Station is helping to move my research along much more quickly, because it allows me to perform ten different experiments simultaneously with different parameters."

Running simultaneous reactions not only saves valuable time, materials and labour, but can also generate more comparable and higher quality scientific data.

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Integrity 10