70 year safety record of Electrothermal Electromantles® supports long-term reliability

Health and safety in laboratories will always be an important issue, with heat sources remaining a key fire and injury risk. Ever since producing the first British-made heating mantle in 1943, Electrothermal have become known as the world's leading manufacturer of heating mantles. Today they continue to produce safe, high-quality apparatus for round bottomed and pear shaped flasks and funnels. These Electromantles are a reliable long term investment for all kinds of laboratories, lasting for decades in routine use, and are backed by an exemplary 70 year safety record to provide users with the necessary safety standards and peace of mind.

Electrothermal Electromantles® are shock-proof, with earthed screens and double fusing offering protection in the event of accidental spills and breakages. Risks of such events are already minimised with rubber feet to prevent slippage and clamps to keep flasks and funnels in place. They are available with either polypropylene or powder-coated aluminium outer casings to provide maximum resistance to chemicals, as well as reduce any risk of contamination. This insulated outer casing retains its cool temperature even when the heating element is on full, thanks to specifically designed ventilation channels. Users can therefore move the instrument even when it is at its maximum temperature of 450˚C.

Ideal for all laboratories with standard heating and stirring needs, including multi-user institutions such as Universities and schools, Electrothermal Electromantles® are the proven option when it comes to lab safety.

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