Electrothermal Wins Military & Humanitarian Product Design & Development Award

Electrothermal have been manufacturing RAK Water and Ration Heaters for military vehicles for several years, ensuring that troops get a hot meal and drink in the cramped confines of a tank, supply lorry or helicopter. RAKs also provide a means of sterilising equipment in emergency situations, heating up to one gallon of potable water for washing and medical purposes.

Our contribution to the morale and well-being of troops has now been recognised by Security Industry Magazine, who have awarded us their Military and Humanitarian Product & Design Development 2012 Award. Below is a photo of our Technical Team who have been the brains behind this product, headed up by Keith Stuart (centre), our Engineering Manager.

And watch this space for our new Chiller Crockpot C-VMV, the first product in the world to both heat and cool water under combat conditions, keeping troops hydrated with safe water in the harshest terrains. It will be launched in Spring 2013.

Electrothermal Technical Team. From left: Mike Humphreys, Dan Matthews, Keith Stuart, Phil Godden, Mike Perry
RAK Military & Humanitarian Award