Our Mel-Temp® Melting Points are flying off the shelves!

Electrothermal launched the Mel-Temp® Digital Melting Point Apparatus earlier this year and sales have been going through the roof since its launch.

Prior to Electrothermal joining the Bibby Scientific family, we obsoleted the Mel-Temp® Melting Point Apparatus; it was a product that had been a best-seller for years in the US, but was starting to look a little tired and dated. However, it seemed that we retired this product prematurely as it was much-loved and many customers kept asking for it.

Bowing to popular demand, we've not only brought it back but have completely rejuvenated it. The new and much improved Mel-Temp® has been re-introduced as a Digital Melting Point Apparatus. It has many of the performance enhancements enjoyed by our IA9000 series Digital Melting Point Apparatus, and although it has a lower temperature resolution, Mel-Temp® offers fantastic performance at a budget price.

For those of you who are still missing out, here's a quick recap of why you might want to stock up on a few units:

Budget price makes it a favourite with schools and universities
Improved safety- now operates without a mercury thermometer
Ergonomic design is ideal for multi-user labs
Fully adjustable arm and lens for comfortable viewing
Stores flat- arm can be folded down completely
Digital microprocessor with ±1°C resolution
New calibration key for easier calibration

It would be a shame indeed to keep such a good product just for our American friends, so we're now offering the Mel-Temp® to our customers worldwide.

Why not take some time to acquaint yourself with it?
Mel-Temps are selling fast
Mel-Temp Melting Pont Apparatus